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Welcome To The Land of Daegon


Welcome to our region!
We are a region that loves to do everything, we have wars, role playing,
general nonsense, and love to have a good time! We don't have many
rules, other than to have fun, and we would love you to join our 
community so that we can grow strong, and have some good times, 


Not much news as of yet, we are relatively new, so we won't have

much to say for some time. However, this means you can get in
on the new government easily, as there are still many positions
to be filled, message me on the website, or in nation states for
more details!


As of yet, only me, Bluespell, and Oh Kill Em, have any government 
positions, and they aren't really worked out yet, so if you have any
desire to become a part of our government, now would be the time
to do so!

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